Victorian Tiles

Get expert, cleaning, repair & restoration services for victorian tiles in London UK.

A significant number of the historic homes in London have a beautiful collection of Victorian style tiling, and they need proper care and maintenance. We have years of experience in the tile restoration and cleaning industry, and we can confidently clean, polish, restore, seal, and finish all of your Victorian tiles and stone. These beautiful tiles were fashioned long before damp-proof membranes were invented, meaning damp can rise up onto the top of the tile. In the worst cases, dampness can even come up onto your walls. But luckily, Ashton’s Marble Restoration is known for cleaning, repair & restoration services for Victorian tiles in London, UK. Our specialised team can make these heritage tiles appropriate for the modern home.

You can find Victorian tiles in various home’s surfaces, including hallway floors, porch floors, walls, kitchen, garden paths, often in black and white chequerboard tile designs with a border and intricate and colourful patterned designs.

Victorian Tile services we do offer

Victorian Tiles

We are speaiclists in Victorian Tiles and Mosaic floor tiles


We can do wonders for your old Victorian tiled floors

Most issues can be resolved by regularly sweeping your tiles. Use a soft brush to remove grit, or use a hoover just above the surface. However, it is worth giving your Victorian tiles a professional clean at least once a year. At Ashton’s Marble Restoration, we are experts in removing any salty residue, dampness, or grit that you will not have noticed.  We use only the best and most appropriate cleaning chemicals to give your tiles a perfect shine, while avoiding any damage. These chemicals are applied with the softest touch to prevent grit from scratching your beloved tiles.

Our work in cleaning Victorian hall tiles also extends to protecting your tiles in the future. The lack of a damp-proof membrane can be rectified through proper sealing. We will have to wait a few days after cleaning your tiles before sealing them, as they must be properly dried out. But once we have completed this job, you won’t have to worry about your Victorian tiles getting damp until the tiles must be resealed a year later.

At Ashton’s Marble Restoration, we have the speciality to conduct this expert work wherever your tiles are. We are not limited to indoor flooring, and we can work with tiles on your walls as well as your outdoor Victorian tiles. Wherever you have these iconic tiles, we have a technician that can make them look perfect. If you are in London, call us today to reinvigorate your Victorian tiles!