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Expert in Stone Repairs in London: Ashton's Marble Restoration

Our team at Ashton’s Marble Restoration are experts in maintaining London’s stunning Victorian buildings. The era was a time of specialist stone-masonry which shaped how London continues to look today. These historic buildings are sadly falling into disrepair. Years of neglect have led to unsightly damage growing. It is sad to think that the work of master craftsmen in the past 200 hundred years is falling apart. But with our team, you can restore your stone to its former glory.

Concerning for stone building owners, is the fact that neglected stonemasonry can lose its structural stability. Crumbling stone chips falling from historic buildings is worrying as it can pose a real risk to the public, for which the building owner or their insurance is liable. With our team, you will feel that your building and the public’s safety are in experienced hands.

The most sensible solution to these aesthetic and structural problems is to invest in stone repairs. Our excellent stonemasons will be able to secure damaged stone work, and they can bring it back to its former glory. Moreover, they are far more cost-effective than the alternative: a full renovation.

Stone Repair

We can repair and renovate older stone


Why choose us for stone repairs

We have a fantastic reputation for our specialist repair services for stone on both commercial and domestic properties. Our work on commercial buildings, particularly our façade restorations, has given shops and businesses new confidence in facing customers while reducing their liability. If you are a domestic customer, our stone chip repairs can make your house more homely and can increase the value of your property.

Not all damage to stone work is major, but all damage to stone work is unsightly. Cracks in your stone work are not immediately noticeable, but will still affect the overall look of your building. Our expert team can repair these cracks so well that you will not be able to notice they were there.

At Ashton’s Marble Restoration, we offer customers so much more than just repairing damaged stone work. We also carry out more regular work to restore stone work that is still far from falling apart. If you notice that the corners of your stone work are starting to look a little worn out, then it will need a restoration rather than a full Stone repair. Through thorough cleaning and repointing, we can make your stone work look its very best.

If you are lucky enough to own a historic building with stone work features, then your property is part of what gives London its unique character. With this gift, comes a responsibility to help this magnificent city keep its culture and appearance. At Ashton’s Marble Restoration, we pride ourselves on the mark we have been able to have on London. So, contact us today for your stone repairs in London. Not convinced yet? In that case check out our reviews, and you might just change your mind!