Floor Polishing

We bring your floors back to life! With polishing, colour enhancement, scrubbing, buffing and much more.

For all properties, it is the floor that gets the most wear and tear, and it is the floor that needs most attention from our team at Ashton’s Marble Restoration. Over time, scuffs and mud go into the surface. Then once embedded, these marks are very difficult to remove. The only long-term solution to this problem is to hire our team to carry out frequent floor cleaning and polishing.

Furthermore, keeping up with stone floor cleaning and polishing protects your floor well. The sealant and polish acts as a protective layer, meaning that everyday grime cannot work its way into your floor. Sadly, polish and sealant are not as durable as stone. They will gradually be worked off the surface by wear and tear. Letting our team polish your floor regularly is the ideal solution.

Keeping a floor polished may seem like a simple task at first glance. It may seem like the kind of job that you can implement into your usual cleaning routine. This could not be further from the truth. Only our specialist floor technicians can carry out the task without risking permanent damage to a floor. An extremely thorough clean is required to begin with, but even perfectly clean floors can be damaged in the polishing and buffing process. Experts can decide on the perfect polish and buffing equipment for the unique requirements of your floor.

marble floor polishing

Professional floor polishing and floor restoration services in London


Choosing to use our team is always the right decision as they have the knowledge to work with any floor. Our team has specialists in limestone, marble, vinyl, terrazzo, travertine, and granite floors. So whatever kind of floor you have, we have a specialist who can make it glow.

For most customers, a regular floor cleaning and polish will be enough to keep their floor’s quality. However, floors need to be in a decent condition already for these long-term solutions to be applied. Furthermore, if a floor has been neglected for a long time, we will need to conduct a more thorough restoration to get the floor up to the standard for polishing. When the upper layer of a stone floor is damaged, it will be discoloured. Thorough sanding is needed to remove this layer, and to bring back the original colour of the stone.

Moreover, our team has experience cleaning and restoring stone floors in some of London’s most elite houses. Whatever the property you own, if it is in London, then you must consider Ashton Marble Restoration to keep them maintained.